Young Philosophers is a quality educational service registered in Hong Kong. Young Philosophers does not promote a particular ideology. Instead, its objectives are to foster young people's curiosity about the world around them and to encourage them to reflect deeply on life's big questions. By following our courses, learners can develop their capacity for calm and rational discussion of universal issues. 

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What is Young Philosophers?

You will explore concepts of interest to all human beings, for example Fairness, Happiness, Beauty and Identity. You will be encouraged to question everyday understandings of Existence, Time, Infinity, etc. Throughout the courses there is a constant focus on the development of philosophical skills that underpin Critical, Creative, Collaborative and Caring thinking. 

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What will I study in Philosophy tutorials?
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To get the most out of our Philosophy courses you should be comfortable and confident in English. If you are able to hold a meaningful discussion in English then you should be fine in our tutorials. During the Welcome session, the tutor will check that your language proficiency is high enough for you to enjoy the courses.

How good does my English need to be?

Young Philosophers tutorials are led by Peter Andrews, a Philosophy graduate of the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He is a trained teacher, with a Masters in Education and substantial international experience.

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Who will be my tutor?
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How do the online tutorials work?
How is payment made?
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Tutorials take place in virtual classrooms. When you enroll on a course, you will be invited to a Welcome Session to meet your tutor and become familiar with the online learning environment.


Young Philosophers tutorials are small group learning experiences, so active participation is expected.

Online payment for courses is accepted via PayPal or Stripe.


Refunds are not offered for non-attendance of tutorials.